Thursday, September 27, 2007

widget liberation movement

I like the writing, the moodiness, and the finicky fixtures of Wes Anderson films, so am necessarily watching the reviews of The Darjeeling Limited as they roll in.

A. O. Scott is my James Wood of film criticism. He's precise, incisive. He slices and dices. Delightful and sharp words, even serrated when called for. The Darjeeling review is no exception to his smart takes. That said ...

And forgive the untoward intimations in advance, but they're pretty incontestable.

I selected the "email this page" linko to share the remarkably positive review when I spied with my little eye a blue widget (a nanobillboard) on the upper right corner of the page. Article tools sponsored by:

Hay zeus! For reals?

Do I even need to explain my objections? No, of course not. And I don't mean to be provincial. I hav spent my time in the cooling shade of the money tree. I understand. But to put the button right there on the page with the actual review of the movie? Couldn't Darjeeling Limited rotate sponsorship of the tools on, say, an article on Doctors without Borders or Ed Jew or somesuch?

Alas, sometimes the inferno of interests is unavoidably visible to those rosily warmed by its intoxicating emissions. Not cool after all. It's getting hot in here. Quick, take off all your widgets!