Tuesday, September 25, 2007

never right, not wrong

Emotion: so roguish, so hard and hard-driven,
I sometimes want to collapse in its course
just to slow it down.

The following is taken from Entirely by Louise MacNeice:

If we could find happiness entirely
In somebody else's arms
We should not fear the spears of the spring nor the city's
Yammering fire alarms
But, as it is, the spears each year go through
Our flesh and almost hourly
Bell or siren banishes the blue
Eyes of Love entirely.

And if the world were black or white entirely
And all the charts were plain
Instead of a mad weir of tigerish waters,
A prism of delight and pain,
We might be surer where we wished to go
Or again we might be merely
Bored but in brute reality there is no
Road that is right entirely.