Wednesday, September 26, 2007

a few bookmarks

Momentum in the worlds of my various authors. Check check check it:

We'll be publishing Niloufar Talebi's breathtakingly diverse collection of contemporary Iranian poetry in the summer of 2008. The book is going to be beautiful and smart, and we will have galleys available at the upcoming festival she's organized:

- - -

When Louise Steinman's The Souvenir was last released, the book was overshadowed and ultimately subsumed by the tragedy of September 11th. We're getting this elegant memoir of a WWII daughter back out there this spring. Here's a recent review Steinman wrote for the L. A. Times.

- - -

With love and endorsements from Woody Harrelson, Michael Franti, Julia Butterfly Hill, and the entire Berkzerkely Bay Area, Cafe Gratitude founders and I Am Grateful authors Terces Englehart and Orchid will gift the business world with a much-needed title for success without moral or ethical sacrifice. Sacred Commerce comes out this summer.

- - -

And just for fun, check out this peculiarly riveting little video sent from George Quasha, whose Axial Stones will be features in Sculpture Magazine in November. (Make sure to let the clip finish buffering before you play it so that the sound and picture are in sync.)

So much more happening. But only if I go edit it, I suppose ... more soon.