Saturday, September 29, 2007

interweb double u-turn

So I've been spending more and more time with pointyheaded web nerds (meant in the very best way). This company I'm keeping has caused veritably vertical spikes in the quality of my aural life. I remain starry-eyed and wide-eared with the massive additions recently made to my iTunes. These changes only involved the slightest back alley trades. Find yourself an external hard drive and shazaam, a gigaswap just like that. Now I listen at all hours to new and pretty bands, marvel at the seakelp-sway-in-the-ocean sounds of singer-songwriters in every letter (D: Decemberists! Ditty Bops! the Duhks! the Divine Chants of Ganesh!). Excellent. But I see that I probably should have just stopped there, much like a $500 win at a blackjack table.

Because I am the type well-advised to steer clear of Targets and Z Galleries (I really need that gigantic resin buckhead for a coat rack) for fear of the stupid things I might buy for no good reason at all, the natural next step in my internet timesinkathon was the enablement of silly purchases. It was noted that I could and should buy my very own domain, not for the $25,000 bid Network Solutions suggested when I first researched (I'm worth more, in my opinion), but a .org for a scandalously low $5.99.

So! Dear web traveler, watch this. Now that I (being extremely broke) have spent this valuable little fistful of dollars on, you, lucky you, can go to your address bar, type it in, and ... come right back here. Free ride for you! Wasn't that fun? You're welcome. (I should have bought a latte and listened to the Es instead.)