Thursday, September 20, 2007

beware the star-nosed mole

I realize with this and the last post that I'm veering from what might popularly be considered "writerly topics. " But C. sent me a list and I'm not sure anything has delighted me so since I discovered the taste of p. b. cups in ice cream (or, okay, literarily, since I saw the way words imitate light in Kenyon).

The last three items on this here list are a little anticlimactic, but the fourth from the last is nothing less than sublime. Could such a thing really exist, do you think? Giggle, giggle, thrill.

I will memorize this list and use them all as my new insults. You narwhal! Ah, he ain't nothin but a nagfish. Oh, sheet, your ex is just a sucker-footed bat now that she's slumming with those dumbo octopi.

Now that's what I call a nature walk.