Saturday, February 23, 2008

there's too much that hasn't been done

Procrastination renders delights. Have a listen.

Love the Dan Band:

And love Liam Lynch:

Oh one more thing. Two brief Oscar comments: am I the only person who thought the movie Juno tried way too hard and failed abominably? In two years when no one even remembers half the jargon flung around in that film, it will just be a wicked tool for nuns looking to push their anti-choice agenda in sex-ed class. I wanted to box all the cleverness right out of my ears.

On the other hand, I believe we need to create more awards just so they all go to Daniel Day-Lewis for his performance in There Will Be Blood. He blew me away. I think I forgot to breathe for the entire two hours and thirty-whatever minutes because he had me so nerve-wracked and fascinated. He's extraordinary in everything he does on screen.

K, back to my feature article that teeters at the brink of Mt. Overdue. Hoot toot and coffee shakes, w'ere acomin' round the mountain!