Monday, November 12, 2007

though i walk through the valley of darkness, i stumble upon some shade-grown coffee beans ...

Okay, fine. I broke down. I got a latte. And it was heaven. Pure and simple. But if you were trying to keep up this insane pace of writing, race training, editing, fiddling, and general life-living, you'd be on coke *and* meth. I'm telling you. I'm the picture of virtue, all things considered.

So! While I'm here. NANOWRIMO is for effing crazy people. Effective this week, I am shifting the focus from quantity to quality, from novel to story, because otherwise I'm wasting too much time. Call me crazy, but I'm in it to win it and I need to produce something other than a cracked-out, hepped-up, 1667-word-a-day notebook full of spinouts and drive-at-all-costs uturns.

Mmm ... coffee.