Thursday, November 22, 2007

a holiday bookmark: read the marketing copy

So I'm making several sweet dishes that require a few more bitter or earthy things for balance and whatnot. Skillet rapini to the rescue. And beet salad with a tame homemade almond butter. Why the beet salad, you ask? Because it involves bomboloni, small bitey bits that are filled with gorgonzola and look like little edible knobs of heaven. Case closed, victory is ours. Good stuff. And healthy--you deep fry them! And so I'm looking at my little candy thermometer package as I gear up and get all the prep set. And the cardboard tells me that my thermometer is all of the following:


Well, well. I'm beyond delighted. Who knew when I was done with my doughy bits of cheesy delight that I could eat the thermometer too.

Fantastic. Like I says, I'm SO thankful for it all. I, for one, intend to enjoy this stuff, folks. It's all we've got.