Wednesday, November 07, 2007

the harpies alone are reason enough

So I have mostly honored the November radio-silence thing I had going. But it was my responsibility as a good citizen to get on here and tell you local folks that you would be a damnfool to miss out on Argonautika at the Berkeley Rep Theater.

I know, I know that genius is the too-thin butter on the too-stale toast, meaning it's assigned everywhere to everything, like the new ric-rac edging on Cheez-its. But let me tell you, pal, that Mary Zimmerman is for reals for reals frickinsharp. I have not liked a show this much since I discovered Froggy Went A'Courtin as a wee babe. And I LOVED me some Froggy.

It is a Scandanavian-Design set with recessed oven lights, replete with hilarious and operatic acting, goddesses in platforms and Barbie gowns (except Athena, who appeared in all ways to be a kickass dyke), all the standard delights of Greek mythological insanity, a satisfying smattering of pop culture references (wait till you hear the tune the ladies of Lemnos play in their boudoirs), and just about the prettiest darn ending a dazzle-ready girl like myself could ask for.

I am going to tell you again. Go see Argonautika. You will be better for it.