Saturday, October 18, 2008

new word alert

It's one of life's expected pleasures, the new word nestled into a fine book. The best contemporary authors place them so subtly we don't even look twice when that Rolls Royce glides through the ghetto sentence. I can read right past the mot juste when it's worked in well enough.

In popular culture, by contrast, I'm not without appreciation for the good linguistic skillet across the face. I back shock by ostentation 100 percent. And the best example of late is Little Prince Harry, who got bored with military service and set out with his brother on an African adventure (and 80 other apparently irrelevant riders), and in his obligatory pullquote for whatever his promotional charity might be, he actually said this will not just be any old bimble.

Well heavens, no, old chap. Pukka, pukka, old lad, no bimble by far. Your motorcross will be a right lovely jubbly to be sure--so let's don't pass this off as an advert for any ordinary bimble, boys. Mercy, no, and God save the Queen.