Monday, October 13, 2008

not kosher: bacon bullet burger

So I get hassled all the time for not having comments on my site, but I've seen too many sites blown up by spammy streams and I'm so not administratively organized enough to approve comments at this stage in my life. I can't even find time to reorganize the pictures I have on the site (sorry--the Harmaudicon pix remain on my to-do list).

*However,* I do try to share the good ripostes as they roll in. And this one was in response to my "Donuts and Bacon '08" post a few days back. Man, it stopped me cold, apt seeing as it would also stop blood flowing cold too with artery-blocking cholesteroid nodules. I think I have finally met a doughnut I could not love. Oy, tough even to look at them.