Tuesday, April 22, 2008

in case you didn't notice . . .

Barbecue Season (BBQS) is upon us. Yes, you could argue that BBQS lasts all year in Northern California and I'd heartily second you, but it really starts to feel official when every weekend is preceded by an invitation that goes so far to the extreme into the inventory of the distasteful that it leaves one with no other choice but to get out the spice rub and prepare for gastronomical diversion:

"while the mission's fronting face may be all 99 cent stores, pigeons eating puke on the sidewalk, smells of urine, taquerias, and hipsters, the back side is a little oasis of calm green seldom seen. honestly, a beautiful bird nested right outside our back door and laid one quite beautiful, perfecto white egg! so don't stress. you don't need to get on your tight jeans, american apparel, or shag cuts for a garden party! just come kick it and bring a friend! there will be bbq'ing, drinking, hula hooping, and longboard skateboarding! hang out, say hi, have a beer, water a tree, eat something good!"

Time to officially shift the freelance hours to 12am to 4am. Sleep when you're dead. In the meantime, there are chimney starters to fire up! Are you grillmeister enough?