Tuesday, March 11, 2008

not that i'm counting

Observation One: photo paper costs about $19.99 a ream, or roughly nineteen cents a page.

Observation Two: let's estimate the average cost of a color printer ink cartridge at $25.99—and figure that the Wikipedia ink cost analysis stands correct with the claim that tells us that even the highest priced ink ends up costing approximately three and a half cents a page.

Observation Three: the good folks at marathonfoto.com just sent me a kind offer to reproduce the laughably unflattering photos below at a cost of only $16.95 per photo.

Conclusion: if I bought all four of the photos below, just one each, not including six bucks in tax and nine bucks in shipping, I'd be paying $66.66 above cost to see these regrettable photos that I have presented here in merciful miniature in even brighter, bigger saturations of sweaty pink splendor. Now if for all the various reasons above you are not able to see this represents a deal with the devil, I don't know how else to explain it to you. Just say no to Marathonfoto!