Sunday, July 05, 2009

stella gets her groove on

So okay fine, my dog Stella has a dance teacher. Ridiculous. Yes, yes. I know. But here we are, at the point where I need to pick out a song for her, so let's just accept my bourgeoisie indulgence and move on, people. I really am trying to find something that suits her personality. A three-year-old pit bull who zero-to-sixties pretty well, covering incredible ground in short spurts, but also snores and toots more than most other activities. Sometimes I think that's gritty Koko Taylor blues, then I think Presley at his most innocent, other times I just surrender to her dipstick pop dodo ways and think maybe Taylor Swift's radical reinterpretation of Romeo and Juliet may just have the dancer it deserves in my pea-brained tank.

So I dunno. Jailhouse Rock? Or maybe Jamiroquai? Dan Band? Sinatra. Stevie Nicks. Kings of Leon. AC/DC. GNR! Oh well I am just not sure how to decide. I find myself watching to see what she really responds to, but that's generally unrewarding since she comes scampering into the room when Barry Manilow comes on. Yeah, that was a surprise to me too. My little anvil-headed cinder-block pit bull sways to "Mandy." I try to be supportive. I really do. But I'm just not sure I can go there with her, seeing as I have to be out there on the dancefloor with her. And anyway, well it sent me back, for no apparent reason but the tangential glory of the web, to a few videos that I just love.

Weapon of Choice

Oh So Quiet

Single Ladies