Friday, May 30, 2008

tri for reals

An update on a few stories I'm working on ... watch for one on CSAs (community-supported agriculture--a super cool idea) in the Bay Area, one on the campaigners for Obama who are traveling far and wide to influence the vote, one on meat (and how I love it like crazy--wait, did I say that?), and then one on this whole phenomenon of boot camp athletics. Let's talk about THAT for a sec.

Boot camp athletics. Have you not heard of this? Oh, your innocence. Tens of thousands of people are doing it: paying a sculpted, gorgeous superhuman to push us around using an agenda based on a kind of excessive knowledge of fancy stuff like kinesthetics, neuromuscular programming, and why god-awful oatmeal and bananas are the real breakfast of champions, not Wheaties after all. The goal can be simply to get in shape, or it can be training toward a set event--like the 2008 Santa Barbara Long Course Triathlon, for example.

What better way for me to conduct research for this article, inquires my workout support network (WSN, also incidentally the same characters who make up my doughnut-eating association, the DEA), than for me to participate in one? Okay then.

Enter personal trainer Rachel (kind of scary in a good way) Rodriguez. For two months (starting oh so soon), I will bow to Rachel's directives, climbing on a bicycle, diving into frigid waters, dropping for push-ups, reaching for pull-ups, essentially behaving like an obedient extra on the Ben Hur set. I'm totally psyched. Let's do this.

Watch for news of training. The triathlon is August 23rd. My father will be visiting and so he will have the misfortune of missing a morning of jazz performances to sit on the sidelines in utter bewilderment as the daughter he thought he raised to be sensible runs around, inexplicably cycling, swimming, and running as if my life depended on it. Note: Doughnuts and coffee to follow.

Behold Rachel, USAT Level II coach and my superhuman of choice: