Tuesday, June 26, 2007

all the gelato i can eat

I've finished revising a short story just in time to fly off the continent and spend a spell riding horses in Sardinia. It will be like Chariots of Fire, only a better soundtrack and clearer water:

Here's my illustration of what I'll be doing, aside from ambling with ponies:

Well, I will be more relaxed than that. I can't use anything but that spraycan in Photoshop. It's my very own airbrush. Very classy, very Atlantic-City-meets-Sardinian-rock-formation.

And one more thing: I just rec'd an email from one of my authors. She asked whether a given photo would work for her author photo. She described it as the read-my-book-or-I'll-spank-you picture. How can an editor say no to such a photo? Love the people I work with.

Still, the horses are whinnying. Ciao, ragazzi.